Why BSI?


Since 1983, BSI has provided medical supplies, high-tech surgical solutions, and equipment to VA and DoD hospitals, as well as other federal medical facilities. With nearly $1 Billion in sales to government customers and in FY19 were the 16th largest supplier of medical supplies and equipment to the federal government, we pride ourselves as the exclusive channel partner for industry-leading medical device companies. (Bloomberg Government)

Value-added Services

BSI provides a multitude of services to both the federal customer and the manufacturers they represent. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Contracting expertise, coordination and administration through multiple contracting vehicles (FSS, DAPA, ECAT, DoD BPAs, SAC BPAs, etc.). Buffalo Supply manages and maintains the contracts to ensure compliance with all Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs).
  • BSI’s customer service team is knowledgeable on federal regulations and processes to streamline acquisition processes, ensuring the customer receives all the information needed in the manner that is required. 
  • Government-focused marketing efforts, including the coordination and attendance at OSDBU DAP small business vendor fairs and ongoing support by business development, allows manufacturers to provide much needed medical products and services to our veterans.  

Along with our multiple contracts, including SAC IDIQ, ECAT, FSS, DAPA, and BPAs contracts, we have the foresight to anticipate the contracting needs of our partners to help them grow their government business. Our in-depth contracting knowledge ensures that we maintain compliance with federal laws and regulations. BSI maintains a detailed understanding of all Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs). Having an SBA small business certification, BSI understands the importance of set asides and how to leverage them when they apply.


We pride ourselves on our accurate, timely and friendly service, always getting a live representative when you call us at 1-800-366-1812.

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