Alan LaGow

Implant Payment Specialist

Phone: 800-366-1812, x112


Alan returned to Buffalo Supply as a Vendor Specialist in February of 2013. Buffalo Supply is fortunate to have his experience to draw upon, having worked with us from 2007-2009. Alan grew up west of Chicago and graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University. He lived in Illinois, passionately playing all sorts of ball sports, until 1991 when he took a trip out west and immediately decided to move. A new passion was born for all the outdoor activities and sports that a person can enjoy in the Colorado mountains and Utah desert. Hiking, skiing, climbing and canyoneering all year round makes Alan very happy. Living in the greater Boulder community is truly a blessing. After working and commuting into Denver for over 17 years, it is a wonderful lifestyle change to work in his hometown of Lafayette with the Buffalo Supply family.